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What Things We Should Keep In Our Mind While Using Log Splitter

The log splitters are hydraulic machines used for splitting logs into smaller sizes to be used for firewood.  These machines are designed as an alternative to axes which were used to split woods earlier. These log splitters help you to save a lot of time and effort but you must know how to use this machine safely. Here are certain things that should be kept in your mind while using log splitters.

Using gas powered log splitter:

First and foremost thing is to determine whether the model is an top electric powered wood splitter gas powered. If you use gas powered machine, you must make sure that they have enough gas in the machine. Another important thing you must do is to add some hydraulic oil to the device. However, you must know the exact quantity that can be added to the log splitter of your specific model. This can be learnt from checking at the user’s manual. After adding all the necessary elements, you must power on the splitter and trigger on the hydraulic pump.


Once the hydraulic pump is activated, you have to place the log on to the wedge. It is also important to make sure that the woods are placed securely on against the wedge. Now is the time to activate the mechanism of splitting logs. Once the mechanism has been activated, the piston will be triggered to apply pressure and split the log. The pressure will be applied to the wedge which is used for cutting the log into required sizes.

Using manual log splitters:

If you are happened to use manual log splitter, the process involved in log splitting is quite different. This kind of log splitter uses hydraulic jack in one end and a wedge on the other end of the machine. In order to hold on the position of the log securely, you must tighten the screw and then move the cylinder to the right position. Following this, you have to pump the jack manually until the logs are split. If the logs are cut, the screws can be released and the cylinder can be pushed back to its original position.


While the log splitters are of great convenience for many people, you should be very careful while using this machine. You should follow the instructions and tips given in the user manual before you start using it to split logs. Another crucial tip is to place the log securely in the position while splitting it. This helps you to prevent some injuries from occurring. It is highly recommended to use this log splitter in open space and wear boots and eyewear to stay away from accidental injuries. It is true that the log splitters are modern convenience that could make it easier for individuals to split the logs in a simple and hassle free way.

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